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It considers the mechanisms of food deterioration and the factors that can influence shelf life of foods and offers examples of how to determine the length of shelf life for different products. Dominic Man writes as a recognised expert with proven experience in this field, and enables any reader to tackle day to day problems related to shelf life of foods.

Discussing the close relationship between food safety and shelf life this book is an essential resource for all food industry professionals and scholars who need to gain an overview of this extremely important subject.

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The book will appeal to senior students of food science and technology and related disciplines, and to practising food professionals such as product developers and quality assurance technologists. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Skip to Main Content. First published: 8 January About this book The crucial subject of the shelf life of food products affects the manufacture, processing, distribution, sale and consumption of all foods.

Adult intakes have decreased from 8. PHE has indicated that the next urinary sodium data will be collected in , and published the following year. Food manufacturers respond to new salt intake data. This website uses cookies to operate and deliver a good service for you. To find out more about cookies on this website and how to delete or block these, see our privacy and cookies policy.

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  • Salt Policy Position Food and drink manufacturers are committed to working with government to continue to reduce salt in their products. The latest targets were published in as two sets, covering work up until December Revised targets for manufacturers. Maximum per serve salt targets for the out of home sector. A separate written brief prepared by each team leader, manager or supervisor, for his or her own team, containing local issues relevant to that team.

    Team leaders check and agree their Local Brief with their line manager at their own briefing session at which they receive the core brief and a local brief from their boss. A separate document which enables the questions arising at briefings to be recorded, answered, whether at the time or later, and that process to be monitored. This fictional company below is not exactly a paragon of business excellence, so it's easy to see that it should benefit from Team Briefing. Moreover one can imagine how their problems could go from bad to worse without suitable interpretation of the core brief as it cascades down the organization.

    What could happen to food prices after Brexit?

    The humour is used in the examples to lighten a rather dry subject, and to emphasise the necessity for thoughtful Local Brief interpretation of what will often be quite formal, detached or even aloof central statements. On a serious note - the Local Briefer has a responsibility to present the company line at all times, and not to be openly critical of company statements or policies.

    The Local Briefer has a responsibility to communicate in a relevant and positive way to his or her team, which obviously requires a reasonable level of skill in reconciling the aims and priorities of the company, with the needs and receptiveness of the team. The examples below do not suggest a specific layout or spacing; they suggest content. The Feedback Form is a very flexible document. It must encourage and enable all briefers to understand and adhere to the organization's agreed rules on handling questions, noting comments and recording relevant details of briefings for monitoring purposes.

    It would be normal for a copy of the feedback from for each briefing to be given to the briefer's boss and whoever is responsible in the organization for monitoring the whole Team Briefing process. Examples of headings are shown on the sample form below, and are not exhaustive.

    Read Shelf Life: Food Industry Briefing Series Ebook Free

    This sample feedback form does not attampt to chow definitive layout - there isn't one. Size the sections for what you need. Some organizations prefer to have a separate attandance record.

    Some prefer a separate questions and answers preparation template. As with all the team briefing documentation, design materials that will work for your own situation, and the best wasy to do that is involve your own people. Team Briefing is a complex and very powerful process. It requires proper training for all briefers before introduction, and firm buy-in from the top, without which it will certainly fail. It also requires a nominated senior person in charge, who will be responsible for monitoring and following up to ensure that the process is working properly and consistently across the organization.

    Here is a basic project plan for the introduction of Team Briefing. There's a very strong emphasis on consulting with and involving all staff so as to personalise the process to fit the needs and situation of the organization, and to maximise buy-in and a sense of ownership. To achieve maximum relevance and buy-in, try to involve all staff at suitable stages in the development.

    The process must be seen by your people to be their own - designed with their issues and practicalities in mind, as well as the management communications needs of the organization. There are various ways to approach the introductioon of Team Briefing. Here's an example of how to approach the project.

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    Allow months from preparation to fine-tuning stage - in larger more complex organizations it will take longer. Make sure you set reasonable timescale expectations - these things always take longer than you think, especially to do properly. If it's not done properly it won't be sustainable or you'll need a lot of adjustment, which can confuse and disrupt. Business and Lifestyle.

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