Virus Diseases of Tropical and Subtropical Crops

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Variability and genetic structure of plant virus populations.

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Ghini, R. Diseases in tropical and plantation crops as affected by climate changes: current knowledge and perspectives. Plant Pathol. Gibson WR. Sweet potato virus disease in Sub-Saharan Africa: evidence that neglect of seedlings in the traditional farming system hinders the development of superior resistant landraces. Islam W, Ahmed M. Inhibitory effects of organic extracts against aspergilus flavus and their comparative efficacy upon germination of infested rice seeds. PSM Microbiol. Islam W. Success of bio products against bacterial leaf blight disease of rice caused by xanthomonas oryzae pv.

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Mehboob, W. Islam and N.

strategies for resistance to plant virus diseases

Reaction of gram Cicer Arietinum L. Varieties against gram blight disease Didymella Rabiei Kovatsch. Arx and its management through foliar fungicides in rain fed areas of Pakistan. Sarath Babu, B. Global sources of pepper genetic resources against arthropods, nematodes and pathogens.

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Phone: —. Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture. E-mail: a. Home Education Research ineterests Courses Research activities. Abstract Viruses are the most abundant biological entities throughout marine and terrestrial ecosystems. They interact with all life forms, including archaea, bacteria and eukaryotic organisms and are present in natural or agricultural ecosystems, essentially wherever life forms can be found Roossinck, Purification and partial characterization of papaya ringspot virus.

De Mejia, M. Isolation and partial characterization of the amorphous cytoplasmic inclusions associated with infections caused by two potyviruses.

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Identification of potyviral amorphous inclusion protein as a nonstructural, virus-specific protein related to helper component. De Zoeten, G. Understanding generates possibilities. Phytopathology 65 — Domier, L. The nucleotide sequence of tobacco vein mottling virus RNA. Infectious in vitro transcript from cloned cDNA of a potyvirus, tobacco vein mottling virus.

Fitch, M. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from immature zygotic embryos of papaya Carica papaya L. Stable transformation of papaya via microprojectile bombardment. Virus resistant papaya plants derived from tissues bombarded with the coat protein gene of papaya ringspot virus. Fletcher, J. The use of avirulent virus strains to protect plants against the effects of virulent strains. Observations and experiments on the use of an avirulent mutant strain of tobacco mosaic virus as a means of controlling tomato mosaic. Frazer, L.

Stem pitting of grapefruit-field protection by the use of mild virus strains. French, R. Characterization and engineering of sequences controlling in vivo synthesis of brome mosaic virus subgenomic RNA. Fulton, R. Practices and precautions in the use of cross protection for plant virus disease control. Gal-On, A. Gibbs, A. Plant virus classification. Virus Res. Gierer, A. Production of mutants of tobacco mosaic virus by chemical alteration of its ribonucleic acid.


Nature London — Gonsalves, D. Cross protection techniques for control of virus diseases in the tropics. Purification and serology of papaya ringspot virus. Phytopathology 70 — Grant, T. A mild strain of the tristeza virus of citrus. Phytopathology 41 — Occurrence of mixture of tristeza virus strains in citrus. Phytopathology 47 — Heaton, L. Turnip crinkle virus infection from RNA synthesized in vitro. Hemenway, C. Analysis of the mechanism of protection in transgenic plants expressing potato virus X protein or its antisense RNA.

Herold, F. Electron microscopic demonstration of papaya ringspot virus.

Virology 18 — Hoekema, A. A binary plant vector strategy based on separation of Vir and T-region of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens Ti-plasmid. Holt, C. Characterization of the masked strain of tobacco mosaic virus: Identification of the region responsible for symptom attenuation by analysis of an infectious cDNA clone. Plant-Microbe Interact.

Jensen, D. Papaya ringspot virus and its insect vector relationships. Phytopathology 39 — Johansen, E. The complete nucleotide sequence of pea seed-borne mosaic virus RNA. Khuspe, S. Utilization of tissue culture to isolate interspecific hybrids in Carica L. Rao, M. Heble, and M. Chadha, eds. Lana, A. Transmission and properties of virus isolated from Carica papaya in Nigeria.

Lawson, C. Engineering resistance to mixed virus infection in a commercial potato cultivar: resistance to potato virus X and potato virus Y in transgenic russet burbank. Biotechnology 8 — Lin, C.

Virus Diseases of Tropical and Subtropical Crops Virus Diseases of Tropical and Subtropical Crops

Strains of papaya ringspot virus and their cross protection. Linder, R. Ringspot: new papaya plunderer. Hawaii Farm Home 8 — Ling, K. Protection against detrimental effects of potyvirus infection in transgenic tobacco plants expressing the papaya ringspot virus coat protein gene. Biotechnology 9 — Litz, R. Evans, W. Sharp, P. Ammirato, and Y. Yanada, eds. New York, Macmillan, pp. Effect of sex type, season, and other factors on in vitro establishment and culture of Carica papaya L. In vitro somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from Carica papaya L.

Plant Sci. High-frequency somatic embryogenesis from Carica suspension culture.

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