Accelerated GWT: Building Enterprise Google Web Toolkit Applications (Accelerated)

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With this exciting new ability came several challenges; not only did developers have to learn JavaScript, but they were also forced to use inefficient development processes, not to mention deal with crossplatform and browser difficulties. But with the release of Google Web Toolkit GWT , Java developers are able to continue using their favorite language to write powerful Ajax applications while using not only the Java language, but also the very same development tools theyre already using on a daily basis! Youll gain key insights into the GWT frameworks capabilities and can rely on clear instruction that will show you how to incorporate GWT into your daily development routine in the most effective way.

Foregoing superfluous introductions to JavaScript and Ajax, youll instead be immersed in GWT fundamentals from the very first chapter. Understanding youll want to efficiently integrate GWT into your development workflow, the author also devotes time to sound GWT application design, testing, and internationalization issues. Go beyond basic syntax fundamentals to learn how to most effectively design and test your GWT applications. Build complex interfaces by taking advantage of GWTs advanced widget offerings.

Who this book is for Javaminded web developers seeking to incorporate Ajax capabilities into their web applications without sacrificing sound development principles.

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It sounds good to a Java developer. But it's not. HTML is a document markup format. If you wanted to create Java objects to define a document, you would not use document markup elements. It is maddeningly verbose.

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It is also not controlled enough. You can either create the P first, or create the child nodes first. One of the child nodes might be the return result of a function. After a few months of development with many developers, trying to decipher what your HTML document looks like by tracing your GWT code is a headache-inducing process. Now, you've lost many of GWT's advantages of having elements readily available to Java code to bind easily for data. There were too many ways to embed or link CSS, resulting in a confusing mess of namespaces. On top of that you had the sprite support, which again sounds nice, but actually mutated your CSS and we had problems with it writing properties which we then had to explicitly overwrite later, or in some cases, thwarted our attempts to match our hand-coded CSS and having to just redesign it in ways that GWT didn't screw it up.

Any languages is going to have it's own set of problems and benefits. Whether you use it is a weighted formula based on those. When you have an abstraction, what you get is a union of all the problems, and an intersection of the benefits. JavaScript has it's problems, and is commonly derided among server-side engineers, but it also has quite a few features that are helpful for rapid web development.

Now forget about using it in GWT!

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We all know that as the size of a project grows, having good separation of concerns is critical. One of the most important is the separation between display and processing. GWT made this really hard. Probably not impossible, but the team I was on never came up with a good solution, and even when we thought we had, we always had one leaking into the other. As Berin Loritsch posted in the comments, the model or mindset GWT is built for is living applications, where a program has a living display tightly coupled with a processing engine.

This sounds good because that's what so many feel the web is lacking. B Java developers who have been working on the web do not easily switch to this desktop-application mindset. Architecture in this world is an entirely different discipline. Flex developers would probably be more suited to GWT than Java web developers. If quick-and-dirty doesn't sound like what you want, don't use it.

The company I was working for was a company that cared a lot about the end product, and it's sense of polish, both visual and interactive, to the user. The old UI was in DHTML but we had issues with browser compatibility, performance optimization and the development process, so we looked for alternatives. We choosed GWT and I never regret it. What you get of the box is:. Our application issues only one request to the server on startup. On the negative side is that GWT and also Android have a poor design out of the box, but anyway if you apply your own look and feel you have to adapt the CSS.

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Alternatively you can use various component libraries for GWT which make it easy to apply proper styles and theming. See the mission statement at:. But it should not be unmentioned that Google don't use GWT on many of their internal projects and that at the moment there are some rumors around about the future of GWT, see. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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