A Dictionary of North East Dialect

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Product Information. Stress-Free Returns. Go to full returns information. Daytalemen, about coal pits, are those who are not employed in working the coal. EDD distribution to Nth re pronunciation; esp. EDD distribution to Nth re pronunciation. LL Tyneside Dalton-le-Dale — shared land? Atkinson Cleve , Palgrave Hetton Blenkinsopp Teesdale In this chest he kept tools and first-aid equipment.

Used for keeping any special tools in, also report and time books for all accounts of work in a district of the mine. EDD Scrat, 3. Cloutie, 4. Old Nick, 5. Old Horney 1. EDD distribution to Clootie — Sco. FT Cullercoats dickers to dare s. ON — compare Ice.

An earlier ex. These clay dolls were rammed tightly into the hole so as to throw the force of the explosion inwards. EDD distribution to dother — gen. OED as Scots word. OE dol EDD distribution to Sco NE low use or obsol. Fr douce] 7. Note: fadge is perhaps older and more northerly in its distribution than stottie. Palgrave Hetton EDD distribution to Ire, Nth. EDD distribution to general 3. Dinsdale mid Tees See also scarecrow. EDD distribution to general flesh-flies bluebottles att.

MC Tyne May EDD distribution to Tyne. EDD distribution to general foison, fusin abundance, etc. All the family men would gather at the bottom of the street, and await midnight. The New Year would be signalled by the church bells ringing, and the ships in harbour would blow their whistles, the pits too, while we waited silent indoors for the first footer. This would be our own father of course. The kedge was then EDD distribution to East coast. Shields re s. The only term in use. NE gan in use, gang not used. EDD distribution to as tools, etc. George, 2. King George, 3.

Tynesiders, 6. Tyneside dialect 1. Newcastle, however closed its gates to the rebels and declared in favour of King Geordie. From that day on the Northumbrians referred to the Tyneside folk as Geordies. See also Jamies 8. There was the story of 2 men who would run with their girths and stop at a pub to have a drink then go back home. One day they found their girths had been stolen and they wondered how they would get home.

SO re Seaham s 4. EDD distribution to Yx, Mids. Frequent in the North EDD distribution to general gollan buttercup, etc. Ta-ra Dad. Ta-ra our Billy. Tara weel Scottish National Dictionary p.

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NE in use 4. EDD distribution to Yx, obsol. Still in regular use. Sco, Nth. NE not in common use. NE in use as applecore. Grose ; Palgrave Hetton EDD distribution to Nth, Notts. He was hurt in a groove. See also barguest guiser someone in disguise esp. Men were dressed as women; women as men; some had black faces and other carried musical instruments NE in use gurn see girn gut?

Reed Ballads p. EDD distribution to in this pronunciation Sco, Nth. The men heave or lift as many of the opposite sex as they can lay hands on before noon. EDD distribution to Eng. EDD distribution to in this pronunciation, Sco, Nth.

Dispatches From the North: A Guide to the Northeast England Dialect

TP re Alston Moor Graham Geordie , etc. EDD distribution to NE 2. EDD distribution to farmworker esp. Sco, steward Nth. Northumbrian III re Backforth hobby 1. Ferryhill Q, MM S. EDD distribution to general hogger s 1. See also clooty, proggie mat hoop, hope 1. EDD distribution to NE. See also jenny howlet hoy 1. This seems an unlikely origin for our word. Most feasible perhaps is a source in the Dutch vb gooien. He would throw pennies out and we all scrambled for them!

Durham 2. EDD distribution to iv as Nth. See also into inbye 1. It signified in or approaching the working area. EDD distribution to Sco, N. EDD distribution to Edin, Tyne. EDD distribution to Nth jaup, jarp 1. Jauping pasteeggs at Easter is a youthful amusement in Newcastle and the neighbourhood. One boy, holding an egg in his hand, challenges another to give blow for blow. See also howlet jimmers a twinned pair, e. Keels are navigated three different ways on the Tyne, viz by sail, by rowing with oar and swape [and] by putting which is done with a puuy or puvy, a pole about 25 feet long with an iron fork on the end.

EDD distribution to E coast. EDD distribution to Sco kelter 1. NE occasional use, esp. Their use is to support the cage containing the tubs of coals when drawn to the surface, the cage rising between the keeps and forcing them back; but when the cage is drawn above the keeps they fall forward to their places, forming a rest for the cage until the full tubs are replaced by empty ones. See also cavil ki, kiv sez, etc. NE knaa and dinaa, both in use. See also stotty-kyek, spice-kyek kyevil see cavil kytle light jacket ex.

Teesside Q. Nth [compare Norw. Ray , Bailey Co. Upper Teesdale Q. EDD distribution to obsol. Raine MS att.

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EDD distribution to in this pronunciation, esp. Nth 2. Q, Irwin leish see lish lest lasting How are ye lesting? EDD distribution to lache — Nth, C See also marbles 2. MW Tyneside s, Dobson Tyne like used as emphatic at end of phrase, esp. Yx, Norf. Durham ; ex. EDD distribution to Nth, parts Mids. She losses them on piece! EDD distribution to general [? ON, compare Ice. See also leap, dyke lowse 1. EDD distribution to nYx, eYx. See also scumfish maggies 1. Newcastle football supporters, 3. See also piots 2. The custom of salting meat to last throughout the inclement months was universal among our ancestors.

Though less frequent, since the extensive cultivation of turnips, it still partially prevails in Northumberland EDD distribution to in this pronunciation Sco, N. EDD distribution to general mak, myek 1. Likewise there were more sailors and crew to take the vessels to sea. I had worked at Doxford Shipyard, Sunderland for one year in and never heard the expression.

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They were also called glass allys but this expression was not frequently used. NE in use, esp. See also liggies [lignum vitae]. NE in low use, e. Tyne 7. NE in use 9. Scot, Nth. See also billy 2.

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Maslin 44s to 52s. EDD distribution to maslin — general; masselgem — NE. In fact they can be called a mawk. EDD distribution to Sco, Ire. The height of the lamp was about 8 in. When first invented, they were simply little wooden boxes, with a hole at the bottom, through which the candle was thrust, and another hole at the top to let out the heat.

Afterwards tin took the place of wood. The flame was sheltered by a piece of wood or tin about 2 in. See also maggies mig liquid manure ex. Sth, SW mizzle 1. The mark might be a piece of paper, a little mound or a stone showing through the soil. EDD distribution to mouldywarp — general. Yx, Mids. See also stowed 4. See also have 3 mundy see mell munter ugly ex. See also ness, nose 3 nack see knack nadgy irritable ex.

EDD distribution to Nth nappy 1. EDD distribution to in this pronunciation N. Man, Linx, Shrop, Kt. See also nab, nose 3 netty outside toilet ex. NE in circulation. C18 nessy from necessary;? EDD distribution to general noo now exx. Parker Tyne Valley p. Shields E. EDD distrubition to general. See also nab, ness. ON; compare Swed. Compare heapstead ony 1. EDD distribution to Sco, Nth 2. Sco, Ire, Nth. In Newcastle there are several EDD distribution to in this form, esp. Sco pash 1. EDD distribution to Nth, Lincs 2. EDD distribution to paise — general.

Distribution: first noted in English NE in street names. It consists of an iron about 18 inches long, steeled and sharpened at each end, and weighing from 3 to 6 lbs. EDD distribution to general pikelet crumpet ex. Yx, Lx, Mids. EDD distribution to pyet — esp. The 3 possibilities were It was a mixture of the broadest dialect of Durham and a number of words often of foreign origin used exclusively by pitmen when below ground.

It is only used by the pitmen when they are talking among themselves When the pitmen are exchanging stories of colliery life EDD distribution to nYx 3. VW popple the common corn cockle ex. In Durham it is poddish. See also clooty, hookie mat proggles prickles, etc. See also pew pump to break wind exx. EDD distribution to Sco, neLx. Sometimes by hand or pony. We are told that it will be in use for about 60 years. We are putting this note on the quarrels hoping it will be found. Viereck re Gateshead, ON rek; compare Eng.

EDD distribution to Nth, Lincs. The word is used on the Tyne in the same sense as Reach on the Thames.

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The Newcastle keelmen generally call it Rack. Sco, Nth, Mids. EDD distribution to general range see rench rant be voluble, etc. Ralph] raspberry 1. EDD distribution to reasty — general. EDD distribution to in this pronunciation Nth rench, etc. Sco, Ire, Nth, EA. EDD distribution to roak — general. ON, compare reek]. EDD distribution to roupy — general.

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If it diz come down arl try again till it dissent. Swed skrabba]. Du schrabbelen] 2. AN escrat — thus Geeson].


TP Alston, [pron. EDD distribution to N. NE in use scud 1. See also mafted, smoor scunner 1. I heard afterwards that these men descend very steep and dangerous cliffs near Seaham Harbour and pick up coal from the shore. They were now going to Sunderland to sell the coal. EDD distribution to NE coast.

NE in use sea-maw gull ex Beattie Border Ballads p. EDD distribution to sall — Sco, Nth 2. Romany] shangy 1. Reed Border Ballads p. EDD distribution to general shippen cow-house exx. AT Co. EDD distribution to in this pronunciation esp. Name imported from the North. Ire sk—see also under sc— skabbee underhand tactics ex. EDD disribution to Sco. Umpleby Staithes c. See also cushat. See also bee-hive 2. Shields re C19 slabs, slabstones sink and draining board ex.

EDD distribution to Nth and parts of Mids. ON; compare Ice. EDD distribution to Yx, Lincs 3. Nth, Mids.