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How To Make A Scrapbook Page In Photoshop Elements For Beginners - Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial

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All these elements look amazing, but I think my favorite is the speed panning! I have 4 busy grandchildren and a photo wall of them and think this element would make my pictures of them really stand out!! Plus I know they would love it!? I have 4 yr old twin grandchildren and being able to use any and all features would be wonderful however the photo swap would be amazing because I rarely get them in a photo together with similar expressions. One is either making a face, looking down or has eyes closed.

The collage of effects looks like hours of fun editing vacation pictures, but I can not wait to use the photomerge for family photos; with 2 young daughters we never end up with all of us smiling or with our eyes open! Loving all of the new features, but the face swap has to be the coolest.

Would love to try it out on our family photos. Face swap would definitely be easier in 15, so that would be the first thing I would try! I would love to try the photo to painting feature. Would love to have painted portraits of the granbabies. I would love to use the painter effect on some family photos and Arizona landscapes.

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Thanks for opportunity to enter. I have never used this software, but as an avid scrapbooker who is considering a switch to digital scrapbooking, I would LOVE to try the element to changed a picture into text! Thanks for all your suggestions. Would love to photomerge! Imagine the great gifts I could make with that! I would use the face swap the most! I would also love using the collage feature. I like to do them for family members as gifts. I would love this for the photo merge!

Thank you for your posts. You have had some great ideas on here! It would be awesome for titling my photobooks. They all look amazing, but the photo merge would probably be the most useful. I love Photoshop Elements! I am constantly making items for my church and I think the photo text alone would be worth having the package.

The cards I could make to send to visitors or shut-ins using pictures of our building would be so meaningful to them. Then there is a host of other applications for the rest of the features in our Bible School program, or in creating our church directory. Limitless uses!! Any possibility of opening up contests to your northern neighbours? Love all the effects, but think photo merge is the one I would use the most!. Can see many used for the collage feature too!

Thanks for the chance to win! The Photomerge Group Shot is incredible! I would love to win Photoshop Elements 15! But as the photo editor for my entire family, all the features would be used eventually! BTW Thanks so much for the email newsletter you do! I have been on it for years now and absolutely love it.

I desperately need that Group Shot thing, and I would love to play with the painting gadget.

This looks SO fun!!! I would love to try out the photomerge! Love that text over photo. My elements is version 8! Thanks for the tips. I would love to have the painterly feature. It would make all my sunset photos look even more amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and ideas. Thanks for running the contest. Painterly Guided Edit. I would love to try the photo merge feature. Not only would this be quite helpful in scrap booking, but just being creative and artsy in general.

Thanks for this opportunity! Wonderful new features! I can use this to create great pics to frame for our home and for gifts. Photo merge is awesome,too. Thanks for this opportunity and congrats to the Photoshop team for a product with excellent tutorials as well as your site, itsalwaysautumn. This way, you spend your time creating something you love, instead of trying to figure out the software. Thank you for servicing your customers and readership base in such a creative manner. I would be very excited to try the collage feature.

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I make collage pictures of my 2 daughters to share with my family and friends on social media but I would like to take better quality pictures and get them framed. Oh my heck! You make it sound like I can do it! You can do some amazing things! I would love to try turning photos into text-soo cool!

Thank you! I want to turn a photo into a text!! I have my first grandchild and I could do wonders with the pictures of him that I have taken!! I use the head swap feature and it is super handy with children! All very useful adjustments, for sure, but since I am choosing only one it is the collage effect!

I can imagine some awesome prints with this effect!! I have a picture taken last summer with my Father and grandchildren at a picnic, everyone is looking the right direction and smiling, snap…and realize one kid is missing!! He runs up, sits down, another snap…and big sister has an annoyed look on her face grrrr.

This is the last group picture I have as my Father passed away a couple months later…I would love to merge all the happy faces together!!! Would love to try Painterly Guided Edit. The photo merge would be a nice area for me to learn. I have just received this information today but note that you require a valid US address, is it possible to extend this to the UK? Like everyone else, I want the photomerge edit!

Scrapbooking With Photoshop Elements

Choosing just one feature is hard. The face swap seems like it would come in really handy. I use PSE extensively and love it! One thing I have trouble with is changing faces or adding people to group pictures. This will be a nice feature to have. I just took our family pictures and of course we are not all looking the same way in the photos.

The face swapping would make life so much easier! Thanks for the post! I would love to try turning a photo into text! But there are so many great features, I would try them all! I would like to try the Effects Collage. I have an older version of Photoshop Elements and would love to upgrade to get all these new features. The photo merge is wonderful and for scrapbooking the photo changed into text would be so much fun to work with.

I currently use PSE 5. The bluring effect looked really neat and the facial swapping is really amazing. Thanks for the tips! I used Photoshop back in the 90s, and loved it, even at the low level I used it at. Looks like it will be a good improvement with lots more editing features. I would probably use the photomerge feature the most.

I love the create the painting feature! But I know I would use the photo merge the most and be so helpful to get better outcome of our kids photos. I think the whole program sounds amazing. To be able to produce and create your own great pictures is so exciting.

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Just starting out so the possibilities are amazing. The group head shot feature Would be a feature I would love to try out. This feature would solve that problem! I especially like the Collage feature as I do Landscape and Nature photography to post on social media for friends to enjoy. After interdisciplinary advertisements of poor email, power in detail says now including in lack and hopeful variety.

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